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    A. 不定式的一般式


    He appears to be very happy. 他看起来好象很高兴。(同时发生)

    To catch the train,we’d better hurry to the station by taxi. 为了赶上火车,我们最好赶紧乘出租车去车站。 (to catch the train 发生在hurry to the station 之后.)

    B. 不定式的进行式

    不定式的进行式表示正在进行的或与谓语动词同时发生的动作。 It happens to be raining when I got there. 我到达那里的时候,天碰巧下雨。 I’m glad to be travelling with you. 我很高兴和你一起旅游。


    不定式的完成式表示的动作发生在谓语表示的动作之前。 I’m sorry to have lost your key. 我很抱歉把你的钥匙弄没了。

    I meant to have finished my work last night, but I didn’t feel very well. 我本来想昨晚完成工作的,但是我觉得身体不舒服。

    It has been an honor for me to have been invited to your country. 对我来说,应邀来你们国家是一件很荣耀的事。



    He is said to be studying abroad.

    据说,他正在国外读书。(不定式的进行式表示动作正在进行) He is said to have studied abroad.


    不定式的完成进行式表示的动作在谓语表示的动作之前发生并且一直进行着。 He was said to have been living in London for 20 years. 据说他在伦敦一直住了20年。

    I’m sorry to have been interrupting you. 很抱歉,我一直打扰你。




    1. 一般式 to be done These are the books to be given out to the students. 这些是要发给学生的书。

    He asked to be sent to the place where he was most needed. 他要求被派往最需要的地方。 2. 完成式 to have been done

    The novel is said to have been translated into many languages. TIP: 据说这种小说已经被译成多种语言。 I did not promise He appeared to have been questioned for many times. to wake him up. 看起来他已经被询问过很多次了。 我没有答应叫


    不定式的否定形式由not或never加不定式构成 We decided not to go out because of the bad weather. 由于天气不好,我们决定不出去。

    Never to have made any mistake is impossible. 从不犯错是不可能的。


    I promised not to wake him up. 我答应了不叫醒他。




    不定式具有名词的特征,可在句子中充当主语 TIP:当主语和表语都是不定式时,不能用形1. 不定式在短语的句首作主语 式主语代替动词不定式。 To know oneself is difficult. To respect others is to be respected. 人贵有自知之明。 尊重别人就是尊重自己。 To say is one thing to and to do is another. To become a slave is to give up one’s freedom. 说是一回事,做又是一回事。 做奴隶就等于放弃自由。 2. 用it作形式主语


    It’s rude to turn your back to your teacher and refuse to answer. 背对着老师,拒绝回答问题是不礼貌的。

    It is impossible to learn a foreign language without making painstaking effort. 想不下苦功就能学会外语是不可能的。 It seemed a pity to have wasted to much time. 浪费了这么多时间,真是遗憾。




    不定式作表语可以说明主语的具体内容或表示目的。但意义上是被动的。 His is to become an astronaut. She is to blame. 他的愿望是成为一名宇航员。 她应该受到责备。 What he hoped was to be admitted into the university. The house is to let. 他希望能被大学录取。 此房出租。 To live to do something worthwhile. The result is not long to 活着就要做一些有价值的事情。 see.





    ①不定式可以充当部分及物动词的宾语 Father likes to listen to music in silence. 父亲喜欢静静地听音乐。

    He prefers to be starved to death rather than beg. 他宁愿饿死也不原乞讨。

    I rather thought to meet you here. 我没想到在这里遇见你。

    ②在feel, find, make, think, consider, 等动词后,如果宾语带有宾语补足语时,人们通常用it作形式宾语,而把真实的宾语放在宾语补足语之后。 I found it possible to work out the problem without a computer. 我发现有可能不用计算机而解出这道题目。 She made it a rule to get up at 5:00. 她养成了五点起床的习惯。

    I feel it a great honor to be invited to speak at the meeting before so many students. 我觉得被邀请在会上面对这么多学生发言是一件很光荣的事情。

    ③在表示“希望、打算”等动词(如hope, except, intend, mean, want, 等)的过去式后,可接动词不定式的完成式来表示没有实现的动作。

    I intended to have called on you ,but was prevented from dong so. TIP:在表示“原打算、我原想来拜访你的,但没来成。 原以为”,还可以用这I expected to have met him here last night. 类动词的过去完成式我以为昨天晚上能在这里见到他。(但没做到) 来表达。 We meant to have stayed there a week. I had intended to call 我们原打算在那儿呆一个星期的 。 on you. I wanted to have dropped her a line, but forgot to do so.我原想来拜访你的。 我原想写一封信给她,但忘记了。 I had expected to meet



    The teacher made no comments except to tell him to work hard.


    him here last night. 我原以为昨天晚上能在这里见到你。

    老师除了叫他努力学习外,未做任何评价。 He had no choice but to sit there as usual.

    他没有什么选择,只好像往常一样坐在那儿。 There is nothing we can do but wait patiently. 我们只能耐心等待。


    不定式作形容词的宾语有两种类型,一是句子的主语是不定式的逻辑主语,二是句子的主语是不定式的逻辑宾语。 ①句子的主语是不定式的逻辑主语

    这一类的形容词有:afraid, angry, anxious, clever, content, cruel, determined, disappointed, eager, foolish, fortunate, frightened, happy, impatient, glad, lucky, naughty, prepared, proud, ready, slow, shocked, sorry, surprised, willing等。 I am sorry to say that he is going from bad to worse. 很遗憾他的情况每况愈下。

    She was not content to live a quiet life in a small town. 他不满足在一个小镇里过默默无闻的生活。②句子的主语是不定式的逻辑宾语

    这类的形容词有:easy, hard, cheap, expensive, dangerous, difficult, funny, fit, impossible, interesting, nice, pleasant, simple, strange, useful,等. This problem is easy to solve. 这个问题很容易解决。 The water is not fit to drink. 这水不适合饮用。

    She is hard to get along with. 如果不定式是不及物动词,则必须加上结构或含义所需的介词。 TIP:在这种结构中,

    1. The river is dangerous to swim in.

    2. A spring mattress is comfortable to sleep on.



    1. 再表示感觉的动词后面作宾语补足语,并且不定式都不带to.

    这一类动词有:see, hear, feel, watch, notice, observe, look at, listen to,等。 I here them sing yesterday.

    昨天我听见他们唱歌了。TIP:有些动词跟不定式作宾语补足语时省去Did you see him go out? 了to

    一感:feel 二听:hear, listen to 你看见他们出去了吗。

    I felt something crawl up my leg. 三让:let, have, make

    四观看:observe, see, watch, look at.我感到有什么东西爬道我腿上了。



    这一类动词有:make, let, have等。转为被动语态时,其后通常都用带to的不定式(have没有被动语态)

    What would you have me do? 你要我做什么?

    She made him give up smoking. 她让他戒烟了。

    Let him do whatever he whishes to do. 他想干什么就让他干吧。


    这类动词有:consider, think, believe, discover, find, imagine, judge, suppose, prove 等。这类动词后的不定式通常是“to be+形容词或名词” 结构,think,consider, find后的to be常可省略。

    We consider him (to be) a good teacher. 我们认为他是一个好老师。

    He proved that theory (to be) very important. 他证明那个理论是很重要的。

    I thought her (to be) nice and honest the first time I met her. 我第一次见到她的时候就认为她人很好,很诚实。


    这类动词有:love, like, prefer, hate, want, wish, except等。 I’d prefer you to leave him alone. 我希望你不要打扰他。

    I don’t want there to be any trouble. 我不想有任何麻烦。

    5.动词advise, allow, ask, beg, command, tell, invite, force, oblige, get, help, encourage, persuade, permit, remind, request, order, warn, cause 等后面,多接不定式短语作宾语补足语。

    We don’t allow such things to happen again. 我们不容许这种事情再发生。

    Most of the parents agree to forbid their children to smoke.大多数父母都同意禁止自己的孩子抽烟。 She requested him to go with her. 她邀请他一同去。


    I’m waiting for Jeans to arrive. 我正在等詹姆斯的到来。

    He’s arranged for a car to pick them up at the station. 他已经安排了一辆汽车去车站接他们。


    TIP:这些带介词的短语动词有: call on 号召 arrange for安排 long for盼望 wait for等待 depend on 依靠 rely on 依赖




    a. 变为一般疑问句时,系动词be、助动词或情态动词置于主语之前。

    [例1] He was so clever. ______ ______ so clever?

    [例2] John felt happy at that time. ______ John ______ happy at that time?

    [例3] We can fly to the moon one day. ______ ______ fly to the moon one day?

    b. 变为否定句时,系动词、助动词或情态动词后加not。

    [例1] The twins were happy to see their uncle. The twins ______ ______ to see their uncle.

    [例2] Mr. Smith works hard every day. Mr. Smith ______ ______ hard every day.

    [例3] The doctor could help that people. The doctor _____ _____ that people.

    c. 注意:

    如果肯定句中含有some,and,a lot of\lots of,already,too\also, both…and, everything\everyone\everybody, always等词(组),要变为any,or,much\many,yet, either, neither…nor, nothing\nobody, never。

    [例1] They had lots of friends in China. They _____ have ______


    friends in China.

    [例2] I could dance and sing when I was five years old.

    I ______ dance ______ sing when I was five years old.

    d. 否定前移

    [例] He can make a model plane, I think. (否定句)

    I ______ think he ______ make a model plane.

    e. 一些特殊结构,变否定句时,在动词(词组)后直接加not。

    [例1] Mother told me to go to bed early last night.

    Mother told me ______ ______ go to bed early last night.

    [例2] Let’s play basketball on the playground this afternoon.

    Let’s ______ ______ basketball on the playground.

    另外,还有ask sb (not) to do sth,Will you please (not) do sth,had better (not) do sth,try (not) to do sth, decide (not) to do sth等。


    对划线部分提问是根据划线的内容提出一个特殊疑问句。即特殊疑问词+一般疑问句构成。 a.如划线部分是定语,它所修饰的词要跟随特殊疑问词移至句前。

    [例1] This is hat. ______ ______ is this?

    [例is my father’s friend. ______ ______ is ______ father’s friend? b.划线部分如是谓语动词,应该用do的形式来取代。

    [例 ______ are they ______ in the city?

    [例 What _____ Ann ______ last year?

    c. 常见疑问词(组):what,what+名词(如what colour,what grade等),when,why,where,who(whom),which,whose,how,how+形容词\副词(如how long,how far,how often,how soon等)。要注意以上各种疑问词(组)的用法。


    反意疑问句的前半句为陈述句,后半句为简短的一般疑问句,在改写当中,要注意: a.前肯后否,前否后肯;


    c.各种祈使句,反意疑问句的后半句都用will you,但Let’s…句用shall we;

    d. 注意一些特殊词,如little,few,no,nothing,never等出现时,前半句表示否定的概念,


    [例1] Class 3 were the winners in the race, ______ ______?

    [例2] The man couldn’t climb up the tree, ______ ______?

    [例3] There is little water in the bottle, ______ ______?

    [例4] Don’t tell him the bad news, ______ ______?


    I am a student,______ ______?

    What a kind girl, ______ ______?

    How fast the boy runs, ______ ______?



    [例1] He was so young that he can’t read. He was ______ ______ ______ read.

    [例2] We can’t live if there is no air or water. We can’t live ______ air or water.

    [例3] I don’t know what I can do.I don’t know ______ ______ do.


    [例1] What’s the matter, Granny? ______ ______ with you, Granny?

    [例2] Li Lei is the tallest in his class.

    Li Lei is ______ than ______ ______ student in his class.


    例1] Li Ping does well in English. Li Ping _____ _____ _____ English.

    [例2] I can mend the bike. Li Lei can, too. I can mend the bike, and _____ _____ Li Lei.

    [例3] You can’t take both the basketball and the football.

    You can take ______ the basketball ______ the football.


    [例1] We are going to help the farmers on the farm tomorrow. (用now改写)We ______ ______ the farmers on the farm ______.

    [例2] His brother won’t do the shopping tomorrow. (改为一般现在时)

    His brother _____ _____ the shopping on Sundays.


    [例1] The twins study Chinese very hard. _____ _____ the twins study Chinese!

    [例2] The weather was rather bad yesterday. ______ ______ ______ it was yesterday!

    [例3] The flowers are beautiful.

    ______ ______ ______ they are!

    ______ ______ ______ flowers are!








    1. 在原句中找出不定式的逻辑主语,使其成为转换成句子后的主语;

    2. 确定不定式所表达的时态或情态,把转换后的谓语动词变成相应的时态(将来、一般、完成或进行),有时候还有必要另加情态动词 can/could, may/might;

    3. 确定原不定式在句子中所充当的成分(主语、宾语、表语、定语或状语),然后加上必要的关连词改为相应的从句。


    A. 不定式的逻辑主语有下列几种情况

    1. 句子的主语就是不定式的逻辑主语,如:

    He helped to build a reservoir.

    You mustcome to see me on Sunday.

    What have I done to make you so angry?

    2. 不定式的逻辑主语是相邻的名词

    It's kind of you to see me.

    We know her to be a brave girl.

    Did you see him enter the room?

    It is for you to decide.

    3. 不定式的逻辑主语存在于不言自明的语境中

    To talk with him is a great pleasure. (可能是 we, you 或 everybody) Our plan is to finish the work in two weeks. (we)

    It is wrong not to help others. (we, they 或 you)

    B. 不定式的时态

    1. 不定式的一般式的行为常表示下列两种时间:

    * 如果作宾补,与谓语动词同时发生,如:

    I saw him go out.

    Would you help me to put things in order?

    * 其他情况多数发生在谓语动词后,如:

    I hope to see you again.

    He wanted to be an actor.

    2. 不定式的完成式的行为发生在谓语动词之前,如:

    I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

    3. 不定式的进行式的行为发与谓语动词同时发生,如:

    He seems to be recovering.

    C. 不定式的词性以及在句子中充当的成分

    1. 名词性

    主语: It is our duty to help you.

    宾语: She decided to try again.

    表语: Her job is to take care of the children.

    2. 形容词性

    定语:He is always the first one to get up.

    3. 副词性

    目的状语:He came here to see me yesterday.

    结果状语:He is too excited to go to sleep.

    形容词补足语:I am sorry to hear that.


    1. 不定式——名词从句

    to talk with him is a great pleasure. ( 主语)

    --It is a great pleasure (that we can) talk with him.

    He hopes to be a sailor.(宾语)

    -- He hopes (that he can) be a sailor.

    My suggestion is to wait a little longger.(表语)

    -- My suggestion is (that we should) wait a little longger.

    The plan to finish the work in two weeks has been handed in. (同位语) -- The plan (that we/they should) finish the work in two weeks has been handed in.

    2. 不定式——定语从句

    He is the only one to go to the party in our class.

    -- He is the only one (who will/may) go to the party in our class.

    3. 不定式——状语从句

    We all work hard in order to complete our assignment in time. (目的)-- We all work hard in order (that we can) complete our assignment in time.

    We hurried so as to be in time for the meeting. (目的)

    -- We hurried so as (that we might) be in time for the meeting.He is too young to join the army (结果)

    -- He is too young (that he could not) join the army.

    His behaviour was such as for us all to refuse to receive him in our homes. (结果)

    -- His behaviour was such (that we all refused) to receive him in our homes.

    I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting. (原因)

    -- I'm very sorry (because/as/for I) have kept you waiting.


    For a moment (I seemed to) have lost consciousness.

    -- (It seemed that I) had lost consciousness.

    (They happened to) meet each other in the street.

    -- (It so happened that) they met each other in the street.



    A:They haven’t decided which camera they will choose.(2004年滨州) B:They haven’t decided which camera to choose.


    当主句谓语动词hope,agree,wish,decide,choose等后接that引导的宾语从句,并且该从句的主语与其主句的主语一致时,宾语从句可转换成不定式(短语)。如: A:The girl hopes that she can be a doctor some day.

    B:The girl hopesto be a doctor some day.

    A:Father decided that he would buy a new computer for me.

    B:Father decidedto buy a new computer for me.


    A:Do you know when we will visit the Great Wall?(2004年襄樊)

    B:Do you know when to visit the Great Wall?




    A:We don’t know what we should do next.

    B:We don’t know what to do next.

    A:Jim told Lin Tao how he would spend the day.

    B:Jim told Lin Tao how to spend the day.


    A:Could you please teach me how I search the Internet? (2003年邢台)

    B:Could you please teach me how to search the Internet?



    A:Could you tell me how I can start the machine?

    B:Could you tell me how to start the machine?

    A:She asked me which skirt she should choose.

    B:She asked me which skirt to choose.



    A:We found that he was a clever boy.(2003年南京)

    B:We found him a clever boy.



    1)宾语从句的主语转换成宾语,从句的谓语部分转换成宾语补足语的不定式短语“to be+形容词/名词”。如:

    A:I find that the plan is interesting.

    B:I findthe plan (to be) interesting.

    A:All of her friends suppose that she is a good student.

    B:All of her friends suppose her to be a good student.

    2.宾语从句“it is +形容词/名词+不定式短语”转换成“it(形式宾语)+形容词/名词(宾语补足语)+不定式短语(宾语)”的复合宾语。如:

    A:We find it is difficult to please her.

    B:We find it difficult to please her.

    A:I think it is my duty to take good care of my old parents.

    B:I think it my duty to take good care of my old parents.

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      2014年母亲节促销活动方案2014年母亲节促销活动方案一 活动目的:1 母亲节的由来:母亲节最早是古代的希人和马人都会举春季节日,以表达他们对母亲神的崇敬。后,在中古世纪的英国,大致在每的二月底至四月初的四旬斋的第四个星期日,就是母亲日。那一天,长大的孩...

      母亲节 日期:2017-03-26

    • 高考作文戒奢以俭


      高考作文 日期:2016-12-22

    • 二年级作文写学校一处风景


      二年级作文 日期:2016-11-04

    • 初二上册第一次月考语文作文


      作文范文 日期:2017-04-07

    • 庄子与惠子游于濠梁之上改写


      改写 日期:2016-09-30

    • 六年级上册作文第四单元漫画


      作文范文 日期:2017-06-24

    • 续写荷花第四自然段


      续写 日期:2017-06-09

    • 我想象的大学生活的英语作文

      关于大学生活的英语作文CollegeLife关于大学生活的英语作文CollegeLifeHelloeveryone TodayImgladtobeheretogiveaspeechaboutmyfreshexperienceinChinaAgricultureUniversity 大家好。今天我很高

      作文范文 日期:2016-12-18

    • 关于写人结尾是感叹句的作文


      作文范文 日期:2017-06-10

    • 氓的读后感议论文


      读后感 日期:2017-04-26

    • 把秋思改写成一个小故事30字


      改写 日期:2017-01-15

    • 新北师大版八年级上册数学教案

      北师大版八年级上册数学全册教案数学八年级上册北京师范大学出版社2013年7月 错误!未定义书签。

      数学教案 日期:2017-01-10

    • 高二体育教案全集


      教案资料 日期:2017-06-09

    • 一年级语文下册识字二教案


      教案资料 日期:2017-02-05

    • 小学六年级心理课教案


      教案资料 日期:2017-04-28

    • 高中心理健康教案


      教案资料 日期:2016-11-27

    • 高二羽毛球第一节课教学教案


      教案资料 日期:2016-12-25

    • 四年级科学下册教案人教版


      教案资料 日期:2016-11-17

    • 幼儿园大班主题班会教案


      教案资料 日期:2017-05-07

    • 托班水果的秘密教案


      教案资料 日期:2017-01-12

    • 关于物品英语教案


      英语教案 日期:2017-04-23

    • 小学生国庆亚博娱乐888


      亚博娱乐888 日期:2016-10-03

    • 网络经典好听的儿童歌曲排行榜_好听的儿童歌曲排行榜

      网络上面新出了很多经典好听的儿童歌曲,那么这些经典好听的儿童歌曲是否能勾起你们内心的回忆呢?下面就让小编给大家分享一些儿童歌曲吧,希望能对你有帮助!  网络经典好听的儿童歌曲排行榜经典篇  1 田野在召唤儿童歌曲  2 石头剪子布流金岁月专辑  3 小...

      板报设计 日期:2018-07-10

    • 国庆节亚博娱乐888的内容

      3灏忔椂鍓? span>国庆节亚博娱乐888的内容2016国庆节亚博娱乐888图片大全_国庆节亚博娱乐888内容_国庆节亚博娱乐888资料2016国庆节亚博娱乐888图片大全栏目设计国庆节亚博娱乐888图片、国庆节亚博娱乐888资料、国庆节亚博娱乐888内容、关于国庆节的亚博娱乐888等各类资料供大家学习参考。国庆节亚博娱乐888的内容国庆节...

      亚博娱乐888 日期:2016-10-09

    • 好书推荐亚博娱乐888

      好书推荐亚博娱乐888CNBANBAO网友60 180 55 *发表于2014-5-317:36:19大家撒就是的房价的实力的方式付款速度发货是快递发货速度快发货速度快发货的十分十分少部分手机话费哈哈哈和优化天然分摊话费的还是发货恶化的法人有货的话你是否会何时发货时女方活动是否

      亚博娱乐888 日期:2016-10-08

    • 感恩老师的亚博娱乐888

      感恩老师的亚博娱乐888CNBANBAO网友1 180 237 *发表于2016-09-17给他个办法更好发挥刚好路过浪费了更好了几个光辉挂机狗国家和国家和国际购房机会呢感觉会更好机构和减肥更好国家和脚后跟几个刚回家后你就回家好久回来发货后交换机和反馈客户环保局和解放路口附近集合...

      亚博娱乐888 日期:2016-10-08

    • 国庆节的黑板报


      黑板报 日期:2016-11-06

    • 小学亚博娱乐888大全

      小学亚博娱乐888大全5068灏忓鐢?em>镓嬫妱鎶? em>棰戦亾涓哄ぇ瀹舵彁渚涙渶鏂扮殑灏忓鐢?em>镓嬫妱鎶? em>,灏忓鐢?em>镓嬫妱鎶? em>鍐呭,灏忓鐢?em>镓嬫妱鎶? em>鐗堥溃璁捐锲?灏忓鐢?em>镓嬫妱鎶? em>锲剧墖,灏忓鐢?em>镓嬫妱鎶? em>鏄

      亚博娱乐888 日期:2016-10-17

    • 板报边框


      板报设计 日期:2016-10-18

    • 学雷锋好榜样亚博娱乐888


      亚博娱乐888 日期:2016-10-07

    • 庆六一黑板报

      庆六一黑板报2016六一儿童节亚博娱乐888图片大全_六一儿童节亚博娱乐888内容_儿童节亚博娱乐888资料儿童节亚博娱乐888版面设计图片网收集整理了小学生儿童节亚博娱乐888,六一儿童节亚博娱乐888图片,六一国际儿童节亚博娱乐888内容,61儿童节亚博娱乐888设计图,儿童节亚博娱乐888资料等 庆六一黑板报 小学生六一黑...

      黑板报 日期:2016-09-27

    • 郭风散文诗鲜花的早晨赏析


      散文诗 日期:2017-01-06

    • 师德师风散文诗歌朗诵

      散文诗 日期:2016-11-29

    • 冷冷清秋,伤感散文诗


      伤感散文 日期:2016-12-15

    • 精美抒情散文----文章60


      抒情散文 日期:2017-01-25

    • 爱情散文作家


      爱情散文 日期:2017-06-15

    • 爱情经典散文

      经典爱情散文篇一:爱情散文精选爱情散文精选5篇爱情散文——我不是海里的 泪海水是咸的,泪水也是咸的人是海水孕育的,那么泪水是不是也归属于海水呢?如果泪水在大海里是不是泪水就看不到自己了呢。。。。。。眼泪始终含着,没有掉下来。吃饭、上班、睡...

      经典散文 日期:2016-12-30

    • 抒情散文朗诵作品


      抒情散文 日期:2017-03-19

    • 散文诗两首ppt


      散文诗 日期:2017-01-13

    • 2016年电力题材优秀散文诗歌


      散文诗 日期:2017-01-13

    • 抒情散文故事


      抒情散文 日期:2017-03-24

    • 晨读语文励志文章


      励志文章 日期:2017-07-01

    • 男女朗诵励志文章


      励志文章 日期:2017-07-24

    • [初中一年级上册学生评语] 一年级上册学生评语

      班主任往往会利用班主任评语给学生以持久的影响,帮助学生审视过去,激励学生未来上进。你知道要怎么样写好初中一年级上册学生评语吗?下面是小编为大家整理的初中一年级上册学生评语,供大家分享。  初中一年级上册学生评语【精选篇】  1 这学期,你给我留下了深...

      成功学 日期:2018-07-10

    • 年轻人励志故事


      励志故事 日期:2017-07-27

    • 适合女性看的励志电影


      励志电影 日期:2017-02-08

    • 富有感情的青春励志文章


      励志文章 日期:2017-01-10

    • 中国女排励志故事


      励志故事 日期:2017-07-26

    • 身边励志故事


      励志故事 日期:2017-07-17

    • 特别励志的文章不俗


      励志文章 日期:2017-07-13

    • 法治名人名言


      名人名言 日期:2016-11-11

    • [女人打呼噜怎么治]打鼾的自我治疗方法

      女人睡觉打鼾的危害有哪些呢?任何发音都需要通过口腔、鼻腔和咽腔中各种肌肉的活动。今天小编为大家推荐治疗女人打呼噜的方法。  治疗女人打呼噜的方法  按揉以下四个穴位,每天早晚各1次,每个养生穴位按摩5分钟,可以按照阴陵泉--丰隆--中脘--天枢的顺序来做。...

      哲学论文 日期:2018-07-10

    • 日本幼儿园教育理念 [日本幼儿园教育观后感]

      日本幼儿园的教育方法值得我们每个人去深思,明白孩子需要怎样的教育方式!下面是小编精心为您整理的日本幼儿园教育观后感,希望您喜欢!  日本幼儿园教育观后感篇一  日本幼儿园注重体育活动和户外游戏,因而儿童对体育的兴趣浓厚,能力得到增强,而我们则较忽视...

      历史论文 日期:2018-07-10

    • 【党员领导干部加强学习】

      党员领导干部加强学习,要坚持定期学习制,通过制定学习计划、合适合理的考核办法等措施确保学习有实际成效。确保学习不落空、不走形式、不摆样子。下面是小编为大家收集整理的党员领导干部加强学习,欢迎大家阅读。  党员领导干部加强学习篇1  《党章》第一章第...

      政治论文 日期:2018-07-10

    • 本科论文题目_工商本科论文题目

      选题是论文撰写成败的关键。因为,选题是毕业论文撰写的第一步,它实际上就是确定“写什么”的问题,亦即确定研究的方向。下面是小编带来的关于工商本科论文题目的内容,欢迎阅读参考!  工商本科论文题目(一)  1 时间性差异的账务处理及其探讨  2 浅论不同社...

      历史论文 日期:2018-07-10

    • 幼儿园小班家长会总结_幼儿园老师小班开学家长会演说稿

      家长会是让家长和老师对孩子的情况进行相互了解的一个机会,家长可以通过家长会知道自己的孩子平时在学校的学习情况。以下是小编为你整理推荐幼儿园老师小班开学家长会演说稿,希望你喜欢。  幼儿园老师小班开学家长会演说稿 篇【1】  各位家长:大家好!欢迎加...

      建筑论文 日期:2018-07-10

    • 人民的名义电视剧全集 [人民的名义全集地址]


      金融证券 日期:2018-07-10

    • 三年级春节亚博娱乐888简单 春节亚博娱乐888图片大全

      过了立春,一年一度的春节也就相继来到了。你知道怎么做一份简单的春节亚博娱乐888吗?今天小编为大家精心挑选了三年级春节亚博娱乐888简单,供大家阅读和参考,希望能够很好的帮助到大家,谢谢大家对小编的支持和鼓励。  三年级春节亚博娱乐888简单图片欣赏  三年级春节亚博娱乐888简...

      医学论文 日期:2018-07-10

    • 【员工沟通会会议纪要】 沟通协调会会议纪要

      沟通是非常重要的。下文是员工沟通会会议纪要,欢迎阅读!  员工沟通会会议纪要一  会议时间:20xx年x月x日下午3:00时(星期二)  会议地点:天骄熙岸2 楼二楼会议室  参加人员:见签到表  总包单位:段平、张新宇、李有明  分包单位:郑洪忠、邓洪泽、池...

      经济学论文 日期:2018-07-10

    • 四年级上册语文乌塔教案:四年级上册语文乌塔

      在语文课前编写好教案是课堂教学的设计图!所以,接下来小编就和大家分享人教版四年级上册语文乌塔教案,希望对大家有帮助!  人教版四年级上册语文乌塔教案  学习目标  1、认读6个生字,以及“洗漱、惬意、反驳、逻辑、筋疲力尽、电话号码”等词语。  2、读懂...

      计算机论文 日期:2018-07-10

    • 欧阳姓女孩取名字 欧阳姓女孩取名的技巧

      欧阳姓氏是禹王的后代,很吉祥,我们看到姓欧阳的,一般都是些富贵人的姓氏,那么你知道欧阳姓宝宝该如何取名吗?接下来小编带你了解一下欧阳姓女孩取名的技巧。  欧阳姓女孩取名的技巧  一、用女德宇。男女气质方面天生有一定的差异,社会所提倡和称道的男女性情品德...

      物流论文 日期:2018-07-10